Top Hubble Image (take the poll)

I picked out five images that I thought were great images from the hubble telescope for everyone to vote on.

Cigar Galaxy

Spitzer Space Telescope teaming up with hubble to get this Orion Nebula image

Fomalhaut, aka Alpha Piscis Austrini

A perfect storm of turbulent gases captured by the Hubble Space Telescope.

Eagle Nebula

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space man said...

I like the high depth ones better I think three and five

redwinging said...

2, 4, and 5 are in high depth.

frodo_11011 said...

I think Formalhaut looks like Sauron's eye. :D

Anonymous said...

Everytime I look at these images I am reminded of what an awesome God and Creator we have! They are all beautiful!

Terrance Jr. said...

^ Somebody's always gotta stick in there personal beliefs no matter how delusional they are. My vote is #5

Anonymous said...

fomalhaut looks almost symmetrical. the pig's eye might explain why some 'holy' books forbid the eating of pork. a pig writing to prevent it's own predation? go figure.

Anonymous said...

While i'm not very religious,at this point in my life, and the way humanity is acting these days,
i think the views of whahubble is seeing out there was not meant for man to see.

from my early relgious up bringing, these images come straight from the creation pictures that were dipicted in the text books.
the images are trully beautiful.

man on planet earth should learn from this that he is but a spec of sand in this universe

Anonymous said...

ALL, What can anyone say but WOW. With out the Hubble what would we see.

Anonymous said...

You know Terrance Jr., your comment is your personal beliefs too, even if not religious in nature. Just let people enjoy these magnificent pictures in whatever light they see them. And my vote is #4, by far.

Anonymous said...


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